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14.09.27 - Henry’s instavid

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FINALLY, AFTER MORE THAN A YEAR. They are back, still as cute and dorky as ever.

Please take a moment to appreciate such perfection (x) again

Henber. Feeding each other. Sharing spoon. Henry’s happy face being fed violently (lol). English. Just everything.



tagging no one since I dont really talk on tumblr ;u; Talk to me you guys, ok? haha

tagged by ny and Rina!

Tag game No.1


Food: chicken (actually I like many things but this is like my favorite food since child and that’s what I think of first lol)

Drink: milk tea

Book: Harry Potter OuO

Tv shows: On Air (a Korean drama), How I met your mother, Master Chef US (does this count?)…

Band: Big Bang (?), 2NE1 (?), SJM (?), Maroon 5 (?) I’m not really into bands so… /shrug/

School subject: I don’t like any specific subject, just like some parts, especially when it involves drawing :))

Actor: Nah…

Actress: Kim Ha Neul ^3^


Siblings: one younger sister

Dream job: OTL… I just want a normal job, in the bank maybe? (since my major is Finance and Banking) but it’d be great if I can do smth that benefits from my habit too (illustrating for magazines in my free time perhaps)

Fears: cockroach (especially flying ones >___>), ghost (horror things in general)

Religion: none

Tattoos: none

Piercings: Used to wear earrings but no longer

Languages (speaking): Vietnamese, (so-so) English and (super basic) Japanese lol


Reason behind my url: its actually my account name for many other websites too haha

It means ‘Wangzi’s fan’ or ‘fan of Wangzi’. Wangzi is a member of Lollipop- a Taiwanese boyband and my very first male bias. I don’t stan him anymore actually but since all of my online friends are used to this name so it kinda like sticks with me. Plus usually it’s convenient bc no other use such a name to register on websites =)) Sounds childish, right? Cant help bc its what a 14-yr-old-girl thinked of, haha.

((I’m too lazy to come up with a new one is another reason OTL))

((But after explaining it, I start to find the urge of changing to a new one =))))

First url: None, I’ve never changed my URL

Tag game No.2

16 things that make me happy ((in random order))

  1. friends
  2. food
  3. internet
  4. henber
  5. traveling
  6. manga
  7. good films
  8. money lol
  9. making others happy OuO
  10. engsub/vietsub ;u;
  11. my two female biases getting married =.=
  12. music
  13. chatting about my interests
  14. good grades
  15. gifts
  16. successfully finishing a drawing with difficult posture and full background :))

wow, this list makes me struggle for real, to my own surprise, haha. I have many hobbies but suddenly cant think of anything :”)


also tagged by ny and Rina!! [x]

Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send it to 10 of your favorite followers.

/what, this would probably be even more difficult >___< /

  1. I’m tall, compared to average girls in my country. As I’ve said abt its advantage before, my height really helps to supply me enough oxygen when I’m in the crowd, lol.
  2. I can draw. Even though my drawings are limited in many ways, but it’s one of my most proud assets. I don’t go to drawing class, just do it naturally, since kindergarten. I think the fact that Dad draws too has something to do with it though.
  3. I have a sharp memory. Like I can remember things from ages ago, and even remember some little tiny unimportant details =)) Sadly this advantage doesn’t apply in my study OTL
  4. My friends said they like hearing stories from me because I tend to combine the stories with different tones of voice and comical facial expressions :))
  5. I’m a friendly person and a loyal friend OuO

/Believe it or not, it takes me days for the second tag lmao/


tagged by ny and Rina again. post six selfies

Excuse me but no, I’m not doing this tag :”)
The main purpose of this is for ny to know my face so I’ll just kkt ny privately, OK? hahaha


Sungmin knows what sungmin knows


call me delusional. idc

so, they are really “ninjas” -u-

kangaustin uploaded this photo at the same day when henry upload the vid. at first i thought “oh so today they were together” n when i compare kangaustin’s photo, justinim’s photo n henry’s video. i found something’s interesting -3-

kangaustin’s photo n justinim’s photo were taken on the same day. i look at amber’s snapback, henry’s shirt, n justinim’s headband. but they uploaded those photo not in the same day. n henry’s vid is new. henry’s vid isnt related with kangaustin’s photo.

but justinim’s photo is related with kangaustin’s photo :3 do u guys understand what i said?? they were already together b4 henry posted vid on his ig!!!!

(really sorry for my english)

reallyreallyreally sorry about my english. hopefully, u will understand what i mean. bcs rn


*calm down*

lol you are not delusional this time :))

Justinim posted 2 pics on Sep 22 and didnt tag or mention Henry.

Only after Henry’s istavid on Sep 27, another pic of that day was published, and this time, Henry was included -_-

Conclusion? Henry was there in the first place (and yes, they clearly hung out more than once last week) but for someeee reason, everyone acted as if he was not. And I’m still wondering why.

Reunited with his lil brother ^^

smooth ending, guys

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hahahahaha i love your tags about henber

haha, thanks? x”D

I’m actually not the type to spazz that hard and I always think that I’m over that age already but Henber makes me surprise myself everytime haha

I’m just toooo happy that finally something happens, after a whole year ;u;